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Essence Naturals

Natures' Local Apothecary

Meet Margaret Lawson


Hi! I'm Margaret Lawson, owner of Essence Naturals.  I wanted to create a space where everyone felt welcomed and ready to think about yourself!  Yes, where YOU get to think about YOU.  Where YOU get to buy things for YOU with the intent of taking care of YOU. Our lives have become so busy and usually the last person we think about taking care of is ourselves.  Essence Naturals is a reminder that it is okay to stop and take time for YOU. As many amazing people have told me, "if you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others".  So, come in, have a cup or two of tea and treat yourself to kindness!  Currently we are offering day and night creams,  bath salts and foams, robes, Turkish towels and throws, a variety of soaps and candles; everything you need to create a wonderful spa day at home!  After you are done pampering YOU, maybe you pick up a gift or two for those special people in your life!  Choose love, not only for others, for YOURSELF.

Meet Margaret


Many locally sourced 

Victorias Lavender

Spa booties, lavender, dryer bags, neck wrap, eye mask, tea and much more

 Conscious Coconut

 Coconut Oil, Dry  brush,

 vegan and keto friendly


Shampoo, Conditioner, toner, lip plumper, day/night cream and many more

Sacred Awakenings

 Smudge sticks, body scrub,   body mist

Wild Folk

Lip balm, face masks, body mist, essential oils

 Goodwell Co.

 Toothbrushes,   charcoal toothpaste 

 Viverano Organics


 Cozy throw, Turkish towels, classic hooded bathrobes

Broken Top Candles

Scented candles including Coastal Rainfall, Mount Bachelor, Cardamon/Vanilla

another brand



Come visit us!

321 SW 6th

Redmond Oregon, 97756

Inside Willow Wild

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